What Is A Corporate Video & Why Use One?

In a world of fast-moving information, your business has to do something different to stand out. Video is now the most popular way to consume any form of content on the web – which means that if you’re not using video, you’re missing out.

Insights From the Stage: Ballet Dancer – Connor Williams

Welcome to my brand new blog series ‘Insights From the Stage’ which focuses on engaging Dance/Theatre Professionals to learn about their experiences and what advice they would give to any aspiring professional performers. Today I am honoured to speak with Professional Ballet Dancer Connor Williams. Connor is a Professional Ballet Dancer currently with the Estonian… Read more »

Top Tips to Shoot Amazing Environmental Portraits

Environmental portraits are hands down, my favourite type of photography. Why I hear you ask? I love the process and challenge of trying to capture the connection between an individual and an environment. Find this connection and not only do create a great image, but you also provide the viewer with a context which instantly… Read more »

Dance Photoshoot Tips

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Why not subscribe to my blog and get all the latest updates?